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Day 16💫
Right Outside the Studio Door
This is summer here in my Phoenixville Studio
Almost everyday i walk out and open the red door to my studio and paint.
i love the smell of summer, the grass, the heat, my oil paint 
i still delight when a rabbit comes to sit or hop by my door
if I'm lucky he'll stay close and I quickly throw big paper on the floor and start painting his ears and little shape 
I talk to him while he watches me with one eye
he never stays still for very long 
On this day I caught this shot of him running with my phone camera 
i couldn't wait to paint his shape just as it looks. 
I wish I could pet him but feeling the lines of his body and paws with my brush made me happy
another summer day in my studio with the rabbits that the little girl in me still thinks can understand me when I talk to them. 

Right Outside the Studio Door

  • My work is framed, ready to hang, and carefullywrapped and  packaged for it's journey to you!!

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