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I remember being at Winterthur  years ago and being told that Henry Dupont never really "arranged" his cut flowers, but let them settle exactly as they were placed in the vase, and that this would be the most perfect way to view them. I never forgot that, and think of it every time I'm placing fresh cuttings in a vase.  This painting embodies the spirit of that sentiment.....the leaves and flower heads exploding and dancing on the canvas here in perfect harmony. I didn't do a thing other than observe and celebrate them in paint.  It was heaven. 

Henry Francis DuPont was an avid horticulturalist with an affection for flowers, an eye for beauty and a perfect sense of balance. 


This painting measures 8 1/2' x 11 1/2 "  and is in a beautiful 2 inch white modern frame

December 12th "Annabelle"

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